Attorney Services

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Attorneys need to know the answers to all their questions before asking them at the deposition or trial and need to avoid surprises.

Some of the Services We Offer to Attorneys Include:

  1. Discovery and Evidence Gathering
  2. Witness Location, Missing Person Location, and Other Location Services
  3. Witness Interviews and Statements
  4. Background Checks and Profile Investigation
  5. Surveillance
  6. Workers Compensation Fraud Investigation
  7. Bank Account Search
  8. Open Records Retrieval
  9. GPS Tracking
  10. Video Surveillance
  11. Judgment Recovery
  12. Medical Record Chronology

Civil Litigation support

We understand that civil litigation puts stress on all parties involved. Whether your client is going through a divorce or a child custody matter, we are here to assist with whatever you may need.

You no longer need to rely upon discovery or subpoenas as your sole source of gathering supporting information or evidence.  So, allow our team of investigators to help you discover hidden assets, locate supporting documentation, interview witnesses, perform undercover surveillance, or implement GPS tracking.

Locating Witnesses and Defendants

Let our investigators be your feet on the ground. Our team of litigation support investigators know how to find a person and find them fast. Our investigation team doesn't just utilize online databases or make phone calls. Although useful, these tools can have limitations.

Our investigators have years of experience with locating witnesses, taking statements and gathering missing evidence to support your civil or criminal case. We go that extra mile and use every available resource in finding your witness and obtaining a statement.