Medical Canvassing

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Insurance fraud is an ongoing and costly issue for insurance providers. The purpose of a Medical Canvass investigation is to determine previously undisclosed medical treatment of the Claimant that may have occurred prior to the alleged date of loss or injury. The investigation is a comprehensive canvass of multiple hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and health gyms around the Claimant's residence.

The starting point is usually the Claimant’s home address, but it can be equally helpful to search the area around a Claimant’s work address or even a prior address. Certain detailed information is gathered that may indicate the presence of a possible pre-existing condition. This can help to determine if the Claimant's injuries could have possibly occurred outside the scope of employment. Medical Canvassing can be an invaluable tool when investigating Workers’ Compensation fraud.

Our experts have researched and continue to stay up to date with the latest HIPAA laws and procedures. Our staff will help ensure compliance on the facility, state, and federal level, allowing peace of mind that no laws have been violated.

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