Skip Tracing & Locates

Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing can be an effective tool when you need to locate a person’s whereabouts for any number of reasons. Our specialized skip tracers have access to most comprehensive sources available to assist with your locate.

Phone Number Reversal

Reverse landline, cell and VOIP phone numbers to obtain billing name and address.

Geographic Cell Phone Ping

Provide a cellular number and receive the city and state from which the last call was made from a Cellular device.

Full locate

Returns Verified Current address and contact number.

Employment/ Income Locate

Credit Card Transactions: per transaction period (no hit, no fee)

Obtains store name, city, date. Search is up to date before search request. Excellent skip trace tool.

Vehicle Sighting

States using the License Plate Recognition technology allows the documentation of license plates in certain areas. This allows us to instantly view actual and historical license plate data and allows you to get time, date and exact location stamps for each sighting. With a massive database this is a great tool to help pin point sightings.

Utility Search

We return any information the utility companies in the area have on file for the subject: Active accounts, closed accounts, status of accounts, forwarding address, phone number and work information. No hit only applies if we are unable to obtain any information or none on file.

P.O. Box Info & History

Listed owner information for PO Boxes.